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Flower Princess Make-Over Parties

Flower princesses 2

This is by far the “girliest” of all parties! The girls will start off by making their own flower crown while I start styling the girls hair one by one. I can apply real makeup or face paint, it’s up to them. As for the hair, I style them to suit and can apply glitter hair spray or colour hair spray. They also get their nails painted with nail art. They also get to colour-in a princess picture that will be judged by me after the party. A prize will be given to the one I think is the best and has put the most effort.
After they have been totally pampered and have finished making their flower crowns (which they will be allowed to take home) and finished their colour-in in pictures, we play a game of Pass the parcel where they all get a prize!

Then the makeover comes to life and I dress them in a real princess dress. These dresses are just totally divine. Your child will feel really special wearing this dress as you can feel the quality……they are just gorgeous! Each child gets a single photo taken of them and then a few group shots. These photos will be put on a disc (one copy only) for you and sent to your address after the party. Please allow up to 2 weeks for your delivery.

Party goes for 2 hours but may go over time. I do not charge extra for overtime.

Flower Princess Makeover Party consists of:
• Birthday child receives a special gift
• Hair styling for up to 6 children (can take up to 8 with an additional cost of $10 per child)
• Face painting or Make up
• Making of a flower crown (girls get to take this home)
• Nail polish (Parents may need to help or they can paint each other)
• A game of Pass the parcel (every child gets a prize)
• Colour-in picture (Prize given to the best effort)
• Girls get to wear a princess dress and have their pictures taken
• A CD of all the pictures of a memorable day! (sent to you after the party)

Flower princessesPrincess Bianca and princess Tiana

Entertainer Characters to choose from are Princess Aurora, Flower princess Tiana or Princess Belle and Flower Princess Bianca.
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