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Cupcake Decorating

cupcake partyTianas Dance Parties can provide a fun cupcake decorating party for your kids party.

The Cupcake decorating party is inclusive of 8 children. Party includes 2 cupcakes per child. Please advise if you prefer gluten free cupcakes instead prior to booking. Birthday Child receives a gift from Chef Tiana.

Children will be issued with an apron often arrival with their name tags. Each child will be given a chef’s hat that they take home. Each child receives a Cupcake box (holds 2 cupcakes) with stickers to decorate. Kids buy the cupcakes from the birthday girls’ cupcake shop using “cupcake play money”


Decorations for cupcakes include: icing, lollies and cake decorations.Tianas dance Parties Cupcake Party

Game of Pin the icing on the cupcake (winner gets a prize)

Game of Pass the parcel with a giant cupcake prize box (every child receives a prize)

Lolly scramble (grand finale)

cupcake shopParty goes for 1.5 hours but may go over time.

Cupcake decorating party costs $330 which is inclusive of 8 children plus travel surcharge. An extra $10 per child after that. No more than 10 children including the birthday girl.

(Travel surcharge only applies if you are more than 20 mins away from Wakerley. $20 per 20 mins)

Cupcake Party pack,
costs $330.00 plus travel surcharge